Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas '09

My parents always have the weirdest conversations
Don't ask me why..

Seen some of Kai's new comics
He is truely art beyond god-like
compared to my kiddy sketches
Stay tuned to find out if he won
Japan's Kodansha International Manga Competition

I know a lot of you horny bastards
were humping like rabbits yesterday
I don't know since when
Christmas has became a sex festival
Kumar says "Go get laid!"
MING says "Always use a condom!"

Everytime I vacuum my room
I get a surprise.. Its like Easter!

If you could fight somebody
who would you fight?


Everytime I open a new packet of cigarette
I secretly wish there were a golden ticket inside
that will bring me to the Chocolate Factory...

Many of you may not have realised
after the imposition of $500 littering fine
We have lost the greatest comedy of
strangers slipping on a banana skins in public

Geek Talk
You can really tell a man's character
by watching him play DotA
Is he the kind who hides in base and wait for gold to regen?
Is he the kind who will fight even when under-level?
Is he the kind who will leave the game when he knows he may lose?
Is he the kind who will wait patiently for a chance to slaughter?
Is he the kind who will sacrifice himself for his team?
Its not just a game.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Early December 2009

Writing to the Santa Claus at the Mall

D.I.Y. Christmas Gifts

I learnt that we DO NOT
use UHU Glue to wrap presents

In some situations in life,
you can't choose either

But if I were to choose now,
take my right hand..

Maybe I'm too sensitive/observant to life
or perhaps I think too much
When the two chess pieces in my life appears
for no apparent reason,
someone up there is trying to fix me up

Jonapong says, "Lets have some Mac"