Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas '09

My parents always have the weirdest conversations
Don't ask me why..

Seen some of Kai's new comics
He is truely art beyond god-like
compared to my kiddy sketches
Stay tuned to find out if he won
Japan's Kodansha International Manga Competition

I know a lot of you horny bastards
were humping like rabbits yesterday
I don't know since when
Christmas has became a sex festival
Kumar says "Go get laid!"
MING says "Always use a condom!"

Everytime I vacuum my room
I get a surprise.. Its like Easter!

If you could fight somebody
who would you fight?


Everytime I open a new packet of cigarette
I secretly wish there were a golden ticket inside
that will bring me to the Chocolate Factory...

Many of you may not have realised
after the imposition of $500 littering fine
We have lost the greatest comedy of
strangers slipping on a banana skins in public

Geek Talk
You can really tell a man's character
by watching him play DotA
Is he the kind who hides in base and wait for gold to regen?
Is he the kind who will fight even when under-level?
Is he the kind who will leave the game when he knows he may lose?
Is he the kind who will wait patiently for a chance to slaughter?
Is he the kind who will sacrifice himself for his team?
Its not just a game.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Early December 2009

Writing to the Santa Claus at the Mall

D.I.Y. Christmas Gifts

I learnt that we DO NOT
use UHU Glue to wrap presents

In some situations in life,
you can't choose either

But if I were to choose now,
take my right hand..

Maybe I'm too sensitive/observant to life
or perhaps I think too much
When the two chess pieces in my life appears
for no apparent reason,
someone up there is trying to fix me up

Jonapong says, "Lets have some Mac"

Monday, November 30, 2009


Ok.. I know this comic/cartoon is pretty sloppy
Come on, its my birthday! I'm heading out soon.
Here's the story:

My friend got conned by her classmate.
The con-woman claimed that her friend lost her visa and passport
in Hong Kong and needed $120/- urgently to replace her documents.
After lending her the money, the con-woman disappeared.
A police report was lodged, but till today - no news yet!

So people, please be careful.
Crooks don't always look like Scarface.
He/she could look like a sexy/naked/nude
Alodia Gosiengfiao or Megan Fox.

With bad econmy comes greedy people.
So everyone please be cautious,
especially when lending out
your parent's hard-earned money!
Last but not least, also - SEX FIEND
There are too many on the prowl
I can intro you a few if you want to get conned for sex.

Ok, Happy Birthday to me.
Have a good day, everyone!

Read more distasteful comics:

Sunday, November 29, 2009


By: Huey An

By: Cropcircle Chua

Thank you all
for your well-wishes! =)

Birthday Eve [29-Nov-2009]

Today I saw myself of the past
I din say "hi"
cos I know I can't and I'm not going back for sure..

Today I stared at the sky
and made sure
there is no way it can fall down..

Went to a friend's place some time ago..
By golly, Johnny Depp sure look like Jesus Christ.
Ya know, the locks and the facial hair..

My friend took revenge the next time
he came over to my house.

Visited a Malay friend
and we thought by following the arrow on the ceiling
We could see some sexy babes changing or something..

.. Disappointed

Friday, November 27, 2009

MING on 2811

I went back to reservice
and they gave me an SCDF rescue helmet
I have absolutely no use for it in normal life
so it just takes up space in my room =_="
Maybe if I wear it when I play DotA
I can become more pro? Maybe..

I hate the rain so much
that I need to carry an umbrella indoor..
And they say you'll see ghosts if
you stand under an opened umbrella indoor..

I moved my Plastic Christmas Tree nearer to the window
so that it can grow better..

Today I earned a few hundred dollars..
Whenever I hold money in my hand,
it reminds me of my past savings,
which I saved up for Equinox dinner
couple of years ago,
I ended up buying drugs with the money.

Money can't buy you happiness..
You know what?
Its not even tasty!

Today a very cute cat pounced on my leg
and clinged on to me
as I dragged it across the void deck.
It looks like its having a lot of fun..

See his photos at:

MING's Christmas Cards 2009

For this years Christmas 2009,
I have sent out 18 Christmas Cards
to eighteen very special people or household
(as much as I hate Christmas)

As you can see these Christmas cards
when positioned according to their numbers
(How exciting?)

Features in the card?
1. Part of the Hand-painted Christmas Tree
2. A limited-edition shiny sticker
3. A serial number (01-18)
4. An autographed blessing by myself

So what is so special about this year's MING CHRISTMAS CARDS?
Nothing.. Nothing at all!
But just to make the receipients feel a lot more special
Here are a few consolations:

1. Come on! How long has it been since you last received a Christmas Card? Especially a hand-drawn one.
2. You will receive one-hour of good luck after receiving MING's limited-edition Christmas or Chinese/Lunar New Year cards. To activate the lucky charm, you have to hold the card above your head with your arms reached out into the heavens and shout,
"Pili Pali Mutton Curry, Tasty Tasty Dhal Chapati, Motor Boat Motor Boat Lucky Lucky Lucky!"
(You may start practising it now)
and your lucky hour starts from then. Good for punters, one time usage only.
3. This is a Anime Festival Asia (AFA'09) Danny Choo designer post card. Entry to AFA is already SGD15. 赚到!有没有?

How come I don't get a card?
Below are a few reason why you did not receive the card, as much as you feel that you are special enough to be the top 18 people:
1. You have not appeared online for the past few days.
2. I left you a msn/sms message asking for your mailing address and your reply is
- NIL (no reply)
- Why do you need it for? Are you sending me a bomb or pig head?
- (your email address)
- Incomplete mailing address (missing unit number/postal code)
- Hi. Who is this?
3. Alternatively, you may have replied after I collected 18 mailing addresses
4. You live outside Singapore or in campus
5. I see you almost every now and then physically or online, I do not find the reason to send you a card to remind you that I'm still alive
6. You think you are smarter or more handsome than me.
7. You pleasure yourself stepping on snails.
8. You like to kill babies and eat young animals.
9. You wank (masturbate) to Barack Obama and or eat toilet paper for meals.
10. You secretly throw away your vegetables when your mum's not watching.
I hear some people saying "Aww man.. I won't be getting a card already!"

1. Do not show your friends the card to laugh at my ugly painting together. I will know. Cos I am watching you. I will kill you! And it will look like an accident.
2. I have sprayed fixative on the painting for protection of the paint. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT lick the surface of the card or feed it to your dogs or as a tool to add spice to your sex life. I know how weird you people can be.
3. If you have received your MING CHRISTMAS CARD 2009
You may want to tag yourself on the photo of the BIG CHRISTMAS TREE I've uploaded on Facebook. Here's the URL -

So there you go..
Your card should arrive latest 02 December 2009 (Wednesday)!
Have a Merry Christmas! =D

Friday, November 20, 2009


I hate Bad Liars
I mean.. at least try to make it
more convincing and tasteful.

You know how after watching horror movies,
you feel like everytime you're alone in your room
there's a ghost behind waiting to pounce on you?

I'm so hoping Megan Fox pounce on me
after watching Jennifer's Body.
I promise to let you eat my penis.

Very often I dream that I'm a warrior
in the middle of a war..
Running through forests and slaying enemies.
If I were a warrior of the past,
I wanna be Lu Bu (吕布).
人中之 人,战无不胜
But the evil truth is
自古英雄难过美人关 - CUI!

Recently its been raining like crazy
the humidity level is from hell.
To save my dSLR lenses, I've all dry-boxed them today.
Else, this will be what you'll be seeing
after the cold November rains..

Happy Birthday, Cat Huang! =D

For all OTAKUs,
AFA'09 is tomorrow!
Enjoy yourselves~~

Friday, November 13, 2009



(and of course the picture is taken by me)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 13

Okaay.. so its Wikipedia!

I only buy carrot juice
Here are my 2 reasons:
1) I love carrot.
2) My family doesn't drink carrot juice,
so I get to maximise my satisfaction with the entire packet.

What I really want to do now
is to go to a beach alone,
watch the sun set
and sing my favourite songs..

Friday, November 6, 2009

November Sets In..

My mum sold/threw away my Captain Hook bicycle
Anyone still remembers the old video?
Featuring Denise, Yunru - the Bizneyland video
GONE with memories, is my Captain Hook Bike

I guess..
Nothing Last Forever in the Cold November Rain

Jonapong likes to tell me this
and I've told him a million times:
It takes you 3 seconds to read one of my comics,
but it takes me at least 20 min to do up one of them

So don't be an Ah Pong!

One of my bestest friend, Ken Tan
won some Huge-ass Orge statue from a WC3 competition
and it was sitting around in his living room
To date, I still find it quite disturbing
(Yes.. he has some Sasuke hair!)

If I had a time machine
I wanna go back to my primary school days
when life was much much simpler
and when ignorance is really bliss

Sometimes I wake up in the morning
hearing a voice telling me:
"MING, why are you becoming like a human?"
errr.. I am human, alright!

During my primary school days,
there was a fat kid by the name, Ricky
Everyone calls him Ricky Baboy
no one really knows who started it

Yesterday I just found out
"Baboy" means "Pig" in Tagalog
I bet he din know it then..

Drew this some time ago
but wasn't very happy with it.
But oh well.. here it is
Jehz and Mica

Have a great November, everyone! =D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keep Rolling...

sometimes people ask me
how come i can just
give up, throw away everything
and walk..
like a callous fool

the reason is,
this life is nothing but a lucid dream
my mind, heart, body and soul
had died long ago..

what else have i got to lose,
when i have already lost everything?
keep rolling...

... until i wake from shallow sleep

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Story of LAYS Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Good Day!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and Girls,
Cats and Dogs..

Today I have a story to share
about Lays Salt & Vinegar potato chips...
[Warning: Not suitable for children aged below 16 - NC16]

Once upon a time, there was a farmer
who had a potato farm and two two dogs
which he loved a lot.
The two dogs were best friends,
they rolled on the grass in the day
and danced under the stars by night.

Life was simple, he was not rich
and his wife had passed away many years ago.
The contented farmer often reward his dogs
with their favourite treat - potatoes
for making his life enjoyable and being his best friends.
Seasoned with his secret recipe
(not cocaine, you dumb ass!) sea salt and vinegar,
his dogs were very happy to be his best friends too.

Soon, the old man passed away.
The two dogs were heart-broken.
(If you had noticed the farmer's "angel-lust",
you are a very observant reader.)

The dogs were very grief-sickened,
one of them decided to travel the world.
So as a parting gift, the other dog gave him the last potato
that the old farmer left behind
to eat on his journey.
The dog that left behind soon passed away
due to hunger, sorrow and loneliness..

A few kalpas later, the dogs met in their after lives.
One of them became a ninja rabbit
(I insist its not a monkey or a half-breed animal).
The other became a bear in yellow bikini.
One fateful day, the bear was travelling to its class
with a newly bought packet of potato chips
and was sighted by the rabbit.

The rabbit had never eaten potato chips before,
but there was a strange feeling of nostalgia overpowering it,
telling the ninja rabbit that it must have the potato chips.
So the rabbit quickly jumped down from the tree,
snatched the potato chips and ran away..

The bear in yellow bikini called the police
and the rabbit was sentenced to a lifetime in a temple
to repent on its bad deeds.
The empty potato chips packet was returned to the bear
and it lived happily ever after!


I know its a stupid story..
.. but its really meaningful, right?
Errr... right?