Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Had been Spring Cleaning my room very thoroughly..

Wishing everybody a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2011! =)
According to the Lunar Calendar, its the Year of the Rabbit
and this year it falls on 3 Feb 2011 (Thursday)

Chinese people believes that there are 60 dieties in-charge
of human world affairs and they change shift every year
We call these dieties 太岁(aka 太岁星君, 岁星, Jupiter)
Each duty-diety conflicts with a couple of zodiacs
For example, this year's duty-diety is 范宁将军

The affected zodiacs are
Rabbit 值: same zodiac as diety, easily frustrated and ill, should not go travelling
Chicken 冲: conflict with diety's zodiac, difficulties in work, troublesome matters
Rat 刑: conflict with diety's zodiac, troublesome and monetary matters
Dragon+Dog 害: slight conflict with diety's zodiac, sabotages, backstabs, failures when close to completion of tasks

This is my template for this year's
Chinese New Year cards
for my family, friends and relatives

This year I'll probably be having CNY steamboat/hot pot
Last year we had one at Jay's place at West End
but this year, he's gone to Adelaide for work

Back in Singapore, we usually eat this for CNY eve Reunion Dinner
with our families, after the dinner we will get Red Packets
(Yes.. Money inside of course)
For CNY eve, the kids will stay up the entire night
Chinese believed that this practice will give parents longevity

I will also be watching Lion Dance in Brisbane
The Lions are much taller
because most Lion Dance/Martial Arts Groups
here have Anglo-white Australians who are bigger in size

Back in Singapore, kids love Chinese New Year
cos we get to buy new clothes and get Red Packets
from seniors, employers and married friends/relatives

Everyone puts on weight after Chinese New Year
because there are so much good food
My family would have lunch before visiting
my paternal side family who will serve us Hakka dishes
(like Braised Raw Beef, Hakka Meat Balls etc etc)
after that we will visit my maternal side family where
we will have Hokkien dishes (like Pork Belly Soup etc)

Also, its great joy to play with my cousin's babies
There seem to be constantly new supplies every now and then
As we do not see them poop/cry,
watching their little hands and feets and innocent reactions
is a very rewarding experience!

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