Friday, May 14, 2010

Comic Updates from Brisbane

Pardon me for the bad drawings
(not that it was any good)
the weather has been quite harsh in Brisbane
and I have frozen fingers

Enjoy! =)

My Burmese classmate is a huge fan of Sentosa's Songs of the Sea
He's often found singing "Singaura Oh Singapura"

We went to Ajisen Ramen after uni
and shared some ghosts stories
Amanuma had some first-hand experience in Australia

Spent an enjoyable day at DAYBORO RODEO
Why are lifestocks so smelly?

Have you ever wondered if we were all living under a
ginormous air-conditioning system?

I think I make a good 5th member
in the Big Bang Theory geek crew
And I get to steal Penny from Leonard.
They need an Asian dude..

An Aboriginal woman got physical with our fellow Singaporean
a week ago, she was scared shitless.
Yes, it was just across the road from the Police Station.

If I can recall whoever told me Brisbane is safe,
that person is going to get a punch in the nose from me.
Or maybe in the nuts.. whichever hurts more!