Saturday, November 27, 2010


Cakes and candies, balloons and candles,
presents and parties!
happy birthday -
happy birthday kellybestiepigchai

Actually i.. have always wanted to
set off 99 red balloons at the break of dawn

Realised that its time of the year again..
when housemates started going back to their country
and new ones come in

Oh yea.. last night there was this huge-ass flying cockroach
that flew into my room, i chased it out
and it went to claire's room
so she was crying and screaming all night
while we tried to chase it away into conrad's room
best part - the cockroach is immune to repellent

Lately i have these cravings to eat beef
i don't know why.. damnit!

I went to watch harry potter and the deathly hollows 7(1)
it was pretty good but i'm so sick of watching these teenager stuff
it was so cute and fun to watch in the first book
until they start growing hideous and there was romance involved
the only bearable part was emma watson (hermoine)
she's the only one who managed to grow up properly

Yesterday i went to workshops rail museum in ipswich
lots of huge steam trains and stuff, was pretty fun
more details at -

Enough said about "all asians know kung-fu"
or some kind of martial arts, it is not true!
for the last time - only all chinese people know kung-fu
the koreans, japanese, vietnamese etc doesn't

On my sister's wedding day, my aunt told me that my lil cousin
if really good at saving money
he has only $3 allowance daily, but he managed to save himself an ipad
and currently he's saving for his lasik operation
did i mention he's only primary 6?

Kapoop! i'm gonna eat so much codonopsis pilosula (党参)
that i become a peashooter
i will protect the world against evil zombies

Easing my boredom, i tried to trace ken tan's artwork
(click image to enlarge) but failed badly
check out more of his work at
this guy's a genius!

Excellent cover for my children book
(inspired by the psp game - locoroco)
that i plan to draw when i'm old and wrinkly
heh.. actually i din draw the sunset, it was photoshopped

Recently i'm getting more and more sure and firm
that i don't want to go back to singapore anymore
its juz not a place for me..


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 20 Update 当当当当

I survived FOUR days without internet
because my stupid internet service provider JIMOJO HOTSPOT
decides not to send over their technician
Yes, I almost died..

As promised
Here are the comics I drew when the internet was down..
Enjoy! =)

A lot of people asked me what 當當當當 mean
The answer is...

I saw The Grey alien next to my urinal
a few days ago.. Seriously!

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 was kinda disappointing
I was expecting more.. but the humour detioriated
Do you know that Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are each getting
USD20,000 per episode in this season?

Some Romeo can't stop singing to his guitar
At first it was quite enjoyable
Now he totally ruined my favourite songs

I miss Singapore food
Eg. Hokkien Mee, Teo Chew Porridge, Claypot Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice
Too many..

I have a problem speaking to people who have
Big Prominent Moles on their faces
cos I can't make eye contact
Its simply too distracting..

Some people love to put their chairs on lecture seats
Its very irritating when the feet stinks
We came across this girl who had sour, rancid-smelling feet

I had some problem connecting to the Griffith University wireless
some time ago, approached the Library IT Helpdesk
and told her I tried the advice on the website and asked if
she can offer further assistance

She clicked on the intranet page and read very slowly
fingering word by word as she speaks,
"Library and IT Help will not be able to provide any technical support beyond this self-help guide"

HOLY COW! English is my FIRST LANGUAGE, you foolish woman!
(Maybe she thought I was retarded or a down-syndrome kid?)
Note that other librarians always go the extra mile to help me
make an appointment with IT support team in GU
What is wrong with this librarian?
As a typical Singaporean, I lodged a complaint
Also as usual, there was no follow up. FML

Every evening, my Indian neighbour's kid screams for his life
when his mother tries to give him a shower
There's always high-pitched painful calls of distress, canning and splashing

This is Libby Chong
She cooks awesome! =D

Life is like a maze
You never know where you'll end up
or how the exit looks like..

It doesn't matter whether you have a map or not
No matter how careful you are
At some point of time, you'll get lost

Sometimes, its fun to get lost

Do you have constipation?
Have you been eating vegetables regularly?

Sometimes I feel like sawing off the legs
of people who put their legs on the back of my bus seat
Especially when I'm trying to
concentrate on my PSP/iPhone games

I yearn to see a platypus
but have yet to..
Its strange.. I think they are hiding from me..

I enjoy observing ants and touching tree barks
I hate killing animals and insects
You can say I'm a nature lover

I get quite offended when lecturers generalise that International Students
1. Will not be able to finish lengthy essays
2. Will not have enough time to finish reading/understanding case studies
3. Does not understand big words

Teachers should go for training!

Its very distracting when China girls chat in the lecture
after they get bored with their English-Mandarin translators
Indian students pay a lot of attention
Australian students just shake their legs a lot
Korean students chat but I don't understand a word
Japanese students shut up when you stare at them

Seriously, SHUT THE FUCK UP in lectures!

I don't understand why Australian youths
find that Asian kids addressing teachers/seniors as "Sir" is funny
Its probably the 50,000,000th time I've heard mockery

If... If one day they make it big and get to work overseas
Perhaps they'll see how significant it is to address people as
"Sir" instead of "Mate"

We have so many Multi-cultural Festivals, Fairs, Days, Events
in Brisbane and universities itself - but why are the Aussies still so racist?
The problem lies with these events
They often end up being a FOOD FESTIVAL
Looking at other culture's dance and eating their food
DOES NOT help inter-racial tolerance!

Wake up and stop wasting everybody's time and money!

Hello geeks, 6 more days to the end of this RAZER giveaway
Here's your last chance to be one of the 1,300 lucky winners
to walk away with these geeky-game-game keyboard/mouse etc
Simply fill in your Name and Verify your email at this link

Good Luck Have Fun!
Good Game!
Pwn Pwn Pwn!
(Ok.. I ran out of geek words)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



RAZER is giving away free keyboards, mouse blah blah IT geeky gaming stuff worth over $500! Just need to fill in your name/email/country of residence. GLHF!

This is not a scam./virus/wadevergeekyterm.
Viruses do not speak Singlish hor! Hor? La? Leh? Lor?
Anyway they have 1,337 sets of geek stuff to give away.
Upon entering your email and stuff, you'll receive a confirmation mail.
Upon verification, you'll get to be in the Lucky Draw.

Ya.. Thats about it.
GLHF (good luck have fun), geeks!

Monday, August 2, 2010

August Begins..

August Begins..
I've been sick and bed-ridden for 3 days
Finally recovering, here're some comics finally...

Three little birds sat on my window
And they told me I don't need to worry... REALLY?

It would be tedious to change my comic style
So I think I'll stick to my usual...

New addition to my house after
the nice Norweigian girls left...
First there were 2 Austrian guys

One of them makes REALLY HUGE omelettes in the morning
The other one has soft fluffy hair..

Then there were 2 girls
Didn't have much talk with them
cos I was too sick..

Today a Saudi Arabian dude moved in..

And of course there's a French guy
I love French people, they are so friendly

Our old French people are off travelling
to other parts of the world now..
Their next stop is the green-est cleanest city - Singapore

One of the top items on my Bucket List
is to perform the KALIMA
From Indiana Jones movie, ya know?
The part where the shaman digs out a human heart

Drew this to cheer Doice up
She's gone into depression studying in UQ

Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter in July 2010

I can't wait for Season 4 of 30 Rock to release

I believe that iPods and iPhones
are created by aliens
so that they can easier abduct us

For those who dun read my main blog
I went for a hitchhiking trip in Aussie
Find out more at

I refuse to let Megan Fox wash my car
after her plastic surgery

My new housemate has really shiny orange hair

The other night we were watching 7eventy 5ive DVD
her hair kinda lit up the room

TV convinced me that you can bribe policemen with donuts

I get a lot of people asking me
if Singapore is an Islamic country
due to the stars and moon
They are not convinced with the knowledge
I acquired from Civics and Moral Education + Social Studies + National Education

Whenever I feel moody
I do impulsive shopping at the supermarket
I have a year's supply of snacks and tidbits, I believe

Keep Rollin'