Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Towards July in Brisbane..

There's this friendly CityCat ferryman, Anakin
I would ask him every week if the ferry goes to Sydney

I discovered the Genie's secret to his perfect body
when I bumped into him in the gym the other day...
He drinks GNC's Testostro Grow Ultimate Nutrition ($119.95)

I dun understand why women kick such a big fuss
about guys staring at their boobs
I can easily name 10 girls who stare at guys' groin
Come on.. take it easy!
Human are just more sophisticated beasts.

I vaguely remember a childhood game
that is the exact duplicate of "Johnny Johnny Woosh"
except we say "妈妈叫我不要脱底裤"
(means: My mother told me not to take off my underwear)

I carry body sprays everywhere I go
and keep 3 different types of air freshners in my room
One of which I rarely use because
it smells like a typical toilet air freshner
and it kinda simulates defecation

I used to hear strange noises
thinking that my house is haunted
Ya know, I'm a very impressionable teen
especially when movies like Godzilla is part of our culture

I recently got to know that you can pay for your assignments to be done
by specialists whom the Chinese people call "枪手" (Snipers)
However, their services are very costly
Now the mystery is solved about how these people
who cannot even comprehend the lecturer, can ace their assignments

With the increasing trend to healthy lifestyle and organic products
Here's a business idea - Delicious Nail Clippings for Strong Bones
or Organic Toilet Paper for Extra Fibre in Diets

For those who still do not know that I do radio shows
You may tune in to my show every Sunday
8pm (Singapore) 10pm (Brisbane)
Radio4EB FM98.1
Stream live at


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June = Winter 2010

Congrats to Alness + Lynnie
for their latest addition to the happy family! =)
LCP Tay is hereby promoted to CPT of the Household

I felt something missing this morning
when I went to pang-sai (take a dump)
Ivy wasn't washing her clothes in the toilet
so there's no excuse for me to rant
in response to her "give me 5 min, slow poke!"
Ivy moved out 2 days ago...

"Now son, that you're enlisting, I forbid you from wearing your floral dresses!"
Enjoy your two years of conscription, Jonathan Chan.
You will be missed.

Two alternate ways to study 2007PPP Legal Issues for Managers
1. Watch Wall Street (1987) featuring Charlie Sheen
2. Watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) featuring Cain, Nero, Judas, Iscariot, Legion, Belial and Lucifer

Watching movie with Oyama-san is quite an experience
She seemed to be able to put herself in the pain of injured characters
Also, all the "痛い" ("Itai") makes me feel that i'm watching Japanese AV at the same time

I have one month left to investigate
my theory of a werewolf (lycanthrope) living in my house