Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A lot of girls failed to realise that
guys remember their boob size the previous time we saw it
and have long learnt the technology of miracle bras
Girls need to be more consistent!

Buddha says,
"You're invited to my birthday party this Sunday at South Bank.
You may bring a plus one!"

Brisbane Best Breakfast Restaurant, Gunshop Cafe
has all these huge bust starring at you..
And I have these phobia for manequins

I believe that Ibis are
reincarnation of balding old men

I think there's a secret CCTV in my room
My housemate Ivy always know when I'm studying
and will bring me some tasty soup or thai food.
Also kelly always know when I'm playing Social City on Facebook..

Went to Sono Japanese Restaurant with Zin and Amanuma
We were so overwhelmed by their Japanese waitresses..

My new housemate, Scott is an engineer...

He watches television in the dark at volume zero
I think he wants to learn lip-reading or
had inspired to be a mime artist since young

Tipsy Aussies like to sneak up and "BOO!" you
very often lie on the tarmac road, pee on your car etc
I believe I have a very bad and different sense of humour.
My Aussie housemate explained its call the Queensland Down Syndrome

I was denied entry when I wanted to poop
by our house cleaner
I think he makes a good goal keeper..