Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter in July 2010

I can't wait for Season 4 of 30 Rock to release

I believe that iPods and iPhones
are created by aliens
so that they can easier abduct us

For those who dun read my main blog
I went for a hitchhiking trip in Aussie
Find out more at

I refuse to let Megan Fox wash my car
after her plastic surgery

My new housemate has really shiny orange hair

The other night we were watching 7eventy 5ive DVD
her hair kinda lit up the room

TV convinced me that you can bribe policemen with donuts

I get a lot of people asking me
if Singapore is an Islamic country
due to the stars and moon
They are not convinced with the knowledge
I acquired from Civics and Moral Education + Social Studies + National Education

Whenever I feel moody
I do impulsive shopping at the supermarket
I have a year's supply of snacks and tidbits, I believe

Keep Rollin'