Monday, February 22, 2010


Everything here is so big and huge
you'll definitely need a wide-angle lens camera
Fortunate for me, my 17-40mm f/4L never fails me

There's a culture of thanking the bus driver here
I cannot imagine whats gonna happen if you thank
your Singapore SBS bus driver
(speech reads: shut up! get off the bus already)

I saw a Japanese guy on the bus today
wearing a Nin-Buta t-shirt
You know? Ninja Pig?
I thought it was pretty funny.
Oh yes.. I can read, understand but by choose do not speak Japanese

Would love to see this in our annual parliament talks.

There are No Smoking signs everywhere
but ash trays and smokers beside everyone of them
Ya know what? This is a FREE CITY!
And I'm lovin' it!

I dunno if its the same for everyone
As an international student here..
I calculate even the slightest bit of cost-satisfaction ratio.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Final Update - Singapore

This will be my final update
before I leave Singapore..

Some things I will miss besides the food.. The kopitiam slangs
(reads: Fishing, Clementi, How's Everyone Doing, Play Soccer)
These actually means
Fishing - Tea
Clementi (a place in Singapore) - Ice Lemon Tea
How's Everyone Doing - Horlicks
Play Soccer - Milo

Ok.. This is evil.
Anyways I hope everyone eat less meat
more vegetables, poop more!

I've been eating so much lately
I think I'll become too fat
to fit into my comic boxes

I was standing in the queue for some
McDonalds' Prosperity New Year Burger
when this guy ordered a "million" fries.
Lets see, a packet of large fries has about 60 pieces inside..
Do the mathematics!

小白花 随风飘舞 游天涯
(words by Hui Foon)

Goodbye Singapore!