Thursday, January 20, 2011


It was a fine sunny morning with slight drizzle
everyone is home watching Toowoomba Flood videos off Youtube
and doing their own stuff like any ordinary day..

I only realised the emergency was real
when people were snatching produces in supermarkets

Walked to South Bank and saw the waters rising
Its time to escape - for real!

An EMPLOYEE reaction was to escape...

An EMPLOYER reaction was to keep calm...
But it was hard to keep calm
when Brisbane City Council evacuated the CBD area

And announced that power supply will be cut off
the next morning from 7AM
To a geek, this means
1. No Computer Games
2. No Surfing Internet
3. No Television
4. No Life!

Immediately packed up my Important Stuff
and prepared for evacuation!

My Burmese friend came to rescue me before
my house and its surrounding streets were flooded
The last thing that I want is to be trapped inside a house
without electricty!

Made phone calls and checked Facebook
to see if my friends were safe and sound..

Answered some calls from Singapore Reporters
who wanted to know the situation in Brisbane

Visited my friends who evacuated from Indooroopilly

Realised that Burmese people eat curry every single day
else it would be some spicy dish that resembles curry

Played basketball with the neighbourhood kids
Learned that kids all over the world are the same
They play aggressive and accuse you of cheating
when they are losing...

Sometimes we play Monopoly just to kill time..

Everyday I think of going home, back to West End..

When the flood water receded,
I went back to check out my house
Everywhere was painted grey-ish brown
Everyone was cleaning and pumping mud out of their properties

Citipointe Church Volunteers came to West End
and handed out hotdog buns and warm/cold beverages
Everyone looked so gloomy and depressed..

After the flood is gone, I learned to appreciate things better
I know after some time, things will go back to the way they used to be...

Deepest condolences
to those who have lost their loved ones and properties

My Flood Photos here

Below are some articles that I appeared in
back in Singapore..

AsiaOne News

MyPaper (我报)

zbCOMMA (早报逗号)

also a couple of days ago on Mediacorp Ch 8
8AM Good Morning Singapore

Thank you all media who brought home
good news of our safety..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update Jan 11, 2011 [Tuesday]

Do you feel that sometimes
the world is too big
and you're just not good enough?

I'm playing 三国杀 ONLINE

Time Warp

Raging Repels People

Wish I could...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


May all your wishes come true =)

Its Summer now..
Sometimes its so warm you could pass away..

.. but when it rains
we all complain about not being able to go out and play!
Human are contridicting and ironic creatures

Once again
Its the time of the year where old people
return to their countries and new people arrives..

I guess people who have been here long enough
like Sui-guan and Jay are pretty used to people coming and going

Its quite shitty during this time of the year
cos all our favourite TV series are no break for the festivals
So now i'm watching BONES

Actually I was more hoping
to teach Cultural Diverse Workplace
next semester, but my application didn't go through

A lot of people could not understand why
I din wanna go back during Chinese New Year
Lets just say - memories are not so fond

If you can be an animal, what would you be?
I wanna be a carrot-eating bunny in the countryside..