Saturday, November 27, 2010


Cakes and candies, balloons and candles,
presents and parties!
happy birthday -
happy birthday kellybestiepigchai

Actually i.. have always wanted to
set off 99 red balloons at the break of dawn

Realised that its time of the year again..
when housemates started going back to their country
and new ones come in

Oh yea.. last night there was this huge-ass flying cockroach
that flew into my room, i chased it out
and it went to claire's room
so she was crying and screaming all night
while we tried to chase it away into conrad's room
best part - the cockroach is immune to repellent

Lately i have these cravings to eat beef
i don't know why.. damnit!

I went to watch harry potter and the deathly hollows 7(1)
it was pretty good but i'm so sick of watching these teenager stuff
it was so cute and fun to watch in the first book
until they start growing hideous and there was romance involved
the only bearable part was emma watson (hermoine)
she's the only one who managed to grow up properly

Yesterday i went to workshops rail museum in ipswich
lots of huge steam trains and stuff, was pretty fun
more details at -

Enough said about "all asians know kung-fu"
or some kind of martial arts, it is not true!
for the last time - only all chinese people know kung-fu
the koreans, japanese, vietnamese etc doesn't

On my sister's wedding day, my aunt told me that my lil cousin
if really good at saving money
he has only $3 allowance daily, but he managed to save himself an ipad
and currently he's saving for his lasik operation
did i mention he's only primary 6?

Kapoop! i'm gonna eat so much codonopsis pilosula (党参)
that i become a peashooter
i will protect the world against evil zombies

Easing my boredom, i tried to trace ken tan's artwork
(click image to enlarge) but failed badly
check out more of his work at
this guy's a genius!

Excellent cover for my children book
(inspired by the psp game - locoroco)
that i plan to draw when i'm old and wrinkly
heh.. actually i din draw the sunset, it was photoshopped

Recently i'm getting more and more sure and firm
that i don't want to go back to singapore anymore
its juz not a place for me..